Q. Why are Clear Diamond Screen Protectors better than other screen protectors on the market?

A. Clear Diamond Protection Plus+ Screen Protectors use the highest grade raw materials available to produce our quality protection films, giving optimum performance and protection to your screen. The Hard Coat surface uses proprietary nano technology to give long term anti-scratch and anti-bacterial performance, unequalled by other films on the market.

Q. Why is an Anti-Bacterial Coating important?

A. Prevention is better than a cure! Doctors worldwide are greatly concerned about pathogens and bacteria in general becoming more and more resistant to anti-biotics. Viruses and bacterial pathogens are a real threat with epidemics posing a huge risk to public health; outbreaks of Influenza, SARS and the Novo Virus have shown that cross-contamination is on the increase with poor hygiene being a primary cause. The surface treatment on Clear Diamond Protection Plus+ Screen Protectors kills a wide range of pathogens preventing surface colonisation of common bacteria including MRSA, E-Coli, Clostridium Botulinum and C-Difficile. Clear Diamond will not only protect the screen of your device, it will also protect you.

The Clear Diamond Screen Protector range is not limited to Smartphones and Tablets and includes a wide range of Screen Protectors for computer screens and laptops and custom-sized screen protectors for kiosks, ATMs, cash registers and any other touchscreens where multiple users regularly interact.

Q. Will a Clear Diamond Screen Protector damage my touchscreen?

A. No - provided the appropriate tools and force are used when applying the screen protector there is no risk that the Clear Diamond Screen Protector will damage your screen.

Q. Can Clear Diamond Screen Protectors be used in harsh environments?

A. Clear Diamond Screen Protectors are manufactured using ultra-thin yet ultra-strong PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) and are held in place using specially formulated Silicon adhesive; both of which are capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -30oc to +180oc meaning there is very little danger of the screen protector being affected hot or cold weather.

Q. What is the difference between the two grades?

A. Clear Diamond Screen Protectors are available in two grades: the Clear Hard Coat is anti-scratch and anti-bacterial with a glossy finish whilst the Anti-Glare is anti-scratch, anti-smudge, anti-fingerprint and anti-bacterial with a matt finish with a slight haze.

Q. Do they affect Optical Clarity/Picture Quality?

A. Clear Diamond understands that with smartphones now featuring bigger and better screens, the quality of the image on your phone is paramount. Both the Clear Hard Coat and Anti-Glare grades of Clear Diamond Screen Protector offer very high levels of optical clarity, with the Clear Hard Coat being near-invisible when applied correctly.

Q. Why do I need a Clear Diamond Screen Protector for my device?

A. Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops etc cost hundreds of pounds and represent a big investment which you will be using for a long time. Is there anything more annoying than a tiny hairline scratch in the middle of your screen? Why would you not want to protect something that cost you so much?

Q. How long will the Clear Diamond Screen Protector last on my screen?

A. The Anti-Bacterial properties of one Clear Diamond Screen Protector last up to 1 year dependent on usage. Once the Anti-Bacterial effects have worn off the Screen Protector may stay in place much longer however Clear Diamond recommend replacing the Screen Protector to maintain protection against bacteria.

Q. Will I be able to use the screen as normal?

A. Clear Diamond Screen Protectors should not affect the tactile performance of your touchscreen; in fact the Clear Hard Coat grade feels slightly grippy to the touch and makes accurate use of touchscreens easier! They can be used with both resistive and capacitive touchscreens.

Q. Are Clear Diamond Screen Protectors available in stores?

A. Clear Diamond is currently working with a number of high-street stores to make the them available on the high-street; keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on when and where Clear Diamond can be purchased in person.



Q. I can’t find a Clear Diamond Screen Protector for my device on the website – do you make one?

A. The Clear Diamond Screen Protector range is growing all the time with new and old phones and tablets being added to the range regularly. If you do not see your piece of technology in the Clear Diamond range, why not email us and let us know? We may even add it to the range especially for you, but only if you ask nicely!

Q. How Can I pay for my order?

A. Payments are accepted through the Clear Diamond Paypal – pay with paypal account or without an account using a credit or debit card.



Q. How soon will my order be shipped?

A. Any orders placed before 3pm Monday-Friday will be shipped the same day. Orders placed after 3pm will be despatched on the next working day.

Q. How can I pay for my order?

A. Payments are accepted through the Clear Diamond via Paypal and can be made from an existing Paypal account or with a credit or debit card if you do not have an account already set up with Paypal.




Q. How do I Apply the Screen Protector?

A. Simple step-by-step instructions on applying Clear Diamond Screen Protectors is printed on the back of the packaging of every Clear Diamond product. Further information and video tutorials on how to fit your Clear Diamond Screen Protector can be found on our in-depth instructions page.

Q. How Do I remove the Screen Protector?

A. When the time comes to replace your Clear Diamond Screen Protector, we recommend starting at the corner of the Screen Protector and carefully lift the edge with a fingernail or the Application Tool provided in the packaging. Upon lifting one corner you should be able to pull the rest of the Screen Protector away from the screen, leaving no residue or marks behind.

Q. I want to use a case with the Screen Protector – are there any that are not compatible?

A. Whilst they are extremely tough and will protect your screen from scratches and other minor impacts, Clear Diamond Screen Protectors are very thin: only 125 microns thick and will not interfere with the installation of any of the smartphone cases available today.

Q. My Screen Protector has bubbles under it – what do I do?

A. A handy credit card-sized application tool is provided in every Clear Diamond Screen Protector pack, simply push the edge of the application tool against the surface of the screen protector with medium pressure and slide the bubbles towards the nearest edge of the screen.

Q. ...I can’t get rid of the bubbles – help!

A. If bubbles can’t be removed by the above method, it may be that there is some dust under the screen protector; you may wish to remove the screen protector and start fresh with another Clear Diamond Screen Protector.

Q. The Anti-Glare Screen Protector I have fitted on my iPhone 5 is not glossy – is this right?

A. The Clear Diamond Screen Protector Anti-Glare range features a slightly matt finish which counteracts any excessive glare and reduces reflections on the screen.

Q. What do I need to do to prepare my screen before application?

A. Clean the screen of any visible dirt and dust; an optical wet wipe can be used for this purpose. Use the Microfiber Cloth provided with your Screen Protector to wipe the screen to clear any remaining residue, dust, fingerprints etc. The screen should now be ready for the Clear Diamond Screen Protector to be applied.




Q. What is your returns policy?

A. Please see our Shipping & Returns page for information on returning a Clear Diamond product.

Q. Where do I send a product I want to return?

A. If you are dissatisfied with your Clear Diamond Screen Protector please email usexplaining the issues you have with the product and we will then provide you with the information required to return the product.

Q. I’ve ordered the wrong size – can I return it?

A. Yes - please see our Shipping & Returns page for further information.

Q. Are Clear Diamond Screen Protectors reusable?

A. It may be possible for you to remove the Clear Diamond Screen Protector from your smartphone and replace it on a different phone however the adhesive will lose its effectiveness and the risk of trapping dust behind the replaced SP is very high. In other words: we don’t recommend you risk it – there are two in a pack!*

*Smartphones and tablets only – large Screen Protectors (laptops and PC Monitors etc) are supplied ONE per pack.